• Double Winding Spring

  • Our company exports and supplies a comprehensive range of Double Winding Spring and mechanical devices, which are typically used to store energy and subsequently release it. All Double Winding Spring offered by us are sent for quality test to ensure performance of products.


    A torsion spring can be closed- or open-wound and usually is designed to wind up. As a torsion spring winds up, the coil diameter will decrease and the body length will increase. 

    Spring Load

    It is important to consider the direction of loading when designing bends or forms off a spring's body or in spring legs. Favorable residual stresses can be created when bends are loaded in a direction that reduces the radius or curvature.


    With new manufacturing techniques, torsion end positions can be held to surprisingly close tolerances. Older-design free angle tolerances often do not apply. Asian springs is a torsion springs manufacturer whose facilities employ modern forming machinery and production techniques that allow for an infinite variety of torsion spring end shapes. When specifications call for very long spring legs, we recommend discussing your requirements with a Asian Spring sales engineer. Our staff can verify manufacturing capabilities and will work to keep your production costs as low as possible.